Mar 24, 2011

My Love!

 aku suka lagu ni! Thanks to Fendy sbb bg lagu ni..siap buat video wedding aku lagi with this song...aku x hire pn videographer sbb tak cukup bajet :( nasib Fendy tlg buatkan FOC ok haha meh layan lagu ni...
My Love
The blue clouds, they spell out your name
The darkest nights, you shine in them
I love you & I can imagine
I f you're not here with me

It's early days but I know for sure
That what I feel is real sincere
Let's make this, the best time of our lifes
Be my better half

I'll give you my world
I'll treat you nice
Cos for my love
I'll sacrifice

Anything I could
Everything I would

My love
You're everything I could ask for
Your smile makes me happy
Your tears makes me sad
And I know for sure
This is the best feeling I ever had

Your love
Brighten my dimmest light
Make my heart beat faster than before
As days pass I'm gonna love you more
I promise

I wanna say something to you
There's no one else that swept me off my feet like the way you do
And all I want is you
I promise that our love would shine if you let me with you

acoustic version

malay version

malulah nak boh my wed video kt cni...heehe kt FB je ada..laalalalalala :P