Nov 16, 2010


arini nk citer pasal jenis bunga...saja nk share sbb tgh penin lg nk gna bunga apa tuk wedding nnt huhu tp dalam kepala still roses, carnation and orchid... maybe mix je sma bunga ni..tgkla mcm mn nnt huhu...

1.      The Eternal Rose: Nothing says love like the rose. For centuries, poets and writers have penned odes to the rose. And for good reason. Roses are available in almost every color imaginable and come in large to micro mini. They also smell divine.

2.      Calla Lily: Calla Lily flowers are seen at some of the most elegant weddings in the world. They look classic and have been the flower of choice for brides, especially in the 1920s and 1930s. If you want to opt for a vintage or retro chic wedding flower, go with this beauty. There are also plenty of calla lily wedding favors that look beautiful if you want to make this a theme for your wedding.

3.      Hydrangeas: Because hydrangeas come in such an abundance of colors and have such lush heads of petals, they are a choice for brides every year. You can choose from the palest pastels to the darkest of reds.

4.      Tulips: There’s no denying the allure of the tulip. From the Dutch tulip frenzies over the years, when bulbs were prized like cash, to modern day, the tulip speaks of regal elegance.

5.      Gardenia: Gardenias not only smell like heaven, they look just as marvelous. You can include these white beauties in your bouquets or have cut stems in vases or floating in bowls.

6.      Daisies: Entire daisy-themed weddings have been created to mimic the charm of spring. These bright and happy flowers come in so many shades that you can actually work your entire theme around them.

7.      Anemones: These completely fragrance-free flowers are a good choice when allergies are a concern. They look so darling in just about every color of the rainbow. Opt for a shade that is stunning or subtle.

8.      Carnations: This most charming of flowers is a favorite of the Italians and for good reason. Their blooms are hearty and come in every color you can wish for.

9.      Orchids: No one can deny the awe-inspiring response you will get when guests see the delicate orchid as your flower of choice.

10.  Lilly of the Valley: Sweet and honest, these happy little flowers are able to bring a smile to even the most stressed-out bride’s face.

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